Sunday, 3 September 2017

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Well I’ve done it!!  I have moved over and my preference is now for an online book rather than a paperback.  I never thought it would happen, and for a while I was still more drawn to books with paper pages, then I liked both equally, but now - since discovering Wattpad - my preference is for an online book!

When reading on an ereader (I have the basic Kindle) the advantages are:
  • Being able to enlarge the typeface (so no need for eyeglasses in bed)
  • Defining the meaning of words at the touch of a button
  • Having a library of alternative reading matter with me in one little device
  • The ease of holding a really chunky book (because you’re reading it on Kindle)

When reading Wattpad on my i-Pad or Laptop the advantages are:
  • Being able to read existing and new authors, many un-published yet, but very skilled
  • Commenting on paragraphs and chapters - what you do and don’t like
  • Getting comments back from the authors
  • Reading comments/starting conversations with fellow readers
  • Having a library of alternative reading matter with me in one little device

So, let the reading recommendations begin!

This book was actually the first of a series, so a little frustrating to read and get hooked, and the story is not even ‘entire’ but leaves the reader on a cliff-hanger needing to read the next title.

That said, it was intriguing.  It has 2 different (teen) PoVs:

Emery:  a young girl from a prosperous, prominent family, but one where a veneer of perfection hides dark secrets and troubles.  She breaks away from her family to go to college, striving for  independence, but discovers the depth of her naivety and inexperience, in both life and love.  She writes her true thoughts and feelings in her poems.

Ryler: a troubled, scarred boy who’s unable to speak, instead he expresses his anger and individuality via tattoos, piercings and poetry.  He is running from both his father and a mobster, but is persuaded the only way to outrun his history is to turn double-agent for the police.  

Living down the hall from Emery they bump into each other and make a connection.  At first it is innocent, attraction and lust, but soon it will become dark and twisted when Ryler is asked to watch over her by one of his mob colleagues, and this man is no stranger to Emery at all ...

We all start off as strangers   The heroine, Talia, is being texted by an unknown person, it seems to be a boy, who she has no recollection of meeting.  Talia has a boyfriend - he doesn’t like  the close contact between her and the mystery texter, he doesn’t much like Talia following her own interests period!  Talia has a best friend, and a close family but there are troubles too.  Talia needs to be strong and not tolerate bullying or violence.

Mystery boy is funny and caring and a great listener, but he has his own issues.  Talia needs to draw him out and bolster him, as much as he needs to support her.  The story is told in texts and it’s sweet and romantic and humorous, but with a serious message (maybe more than one).  

I’m expecting this novel to become a ‘paper’ book very soon!  Read it if you love young romance and want to be reminded of your first love.

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