Monday, 5 May 2014

Domination & Death ... Reading the Dark Stuff!!

I found the perfect antedote to the uber 'Nice' book I read last month ...

Dead Simple : Peter James (#1 in the Roy Grace crime series)

This book really packs a punch, and if you like things dark & twisted with nasty undercurrents of deceit & double bluffs ... well [Tick] [Tick] [Tick]!!

It starts with a very dangerous stag night prank, is followed closely by a terrible RTA which leaves several characters dead, enter our hero gettings himself in his bosses' bad books and going on a disastrous blind date.  Complex enough for you?  Lots of plates spinning at once?  Read on and you will see Detective Roy Grace - a pleasant likeable guy who has to deal with very unlikeable people - reading between the lines and unearthing (appropriate, if you readit you'll see why!) the truth behind what the suspects are telling him.  I like Roy, he believes in thinking outside the box and alternative methods of getting information about the case he is working on.

I have previously read & reviewed #2, and it is just as gritty and nasty, and very soon I will be picking up #3.

Bared to You : Sylvia Day (#1 in the Crossfire trilogy)

Oh Wow!!  This is a great book, both romantic & erotic.  The story and the 'action' are equal partners, and believe me I have read many where the story doesn't really need the bedroom scenes, and others where the raunchy bits are sizzling hot and the story telling just slows it down.  No! Syliva Day gets the balance just right, the power struggle between Eva and Gideon is constant but it is believable - she is feisty with a back story which warrants it, he is damaged in his private life but a successful powerhouse in industry -so he is like a baby in the relationship arena.

I heartily recommend this book, I powered through it really fast & am looking forward to cracking on with its sequel Reflected in You - maybe Eva might get to the root of Gideon's nightmares .... and perhaps keep her underwear on for 24 hours ...  or maybe not!!

Read this if you enjoyed 50 Shades of Grey - it is slightly more sophisticated!

A Shade of Vampire : Bella Forrest (#1 in the series)

Whilst it is true that there are a wealth of vampire tales out there right now, this one has a twist of something different - it is set on an island which is undetectable, where a witch has bespelled it so that the sun never shines.  The two central characters Sofia (young virgin with a spark of something special) and Derek (powerful, visionary  who rules a large vampire clan) bond very quickly and appear to be falling in love.  Fear not readers, there are dangers & tensions to provide page turning action, not the least of which is Derek's psychotic, fanatically competative brother who is determined to possess Sofia for himself. 

There is a large series of books to work through if you like this first one and want to see how the story unfolds.

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