Friday, 28 June 2013

Things I Loved in June!

FILM: The Great Gatsby:
I was so looking forward to seeing this film (for a year!  I'm not kidding!)  I finished the awesome book by F Scott Fitzgerald last summer and have been on the edge of my seat to see it ever since!
It did not disappoint, although I am still in love with the original version starring Robert Redford.  The latest was mindblowing in a different way - the costumes, the set, the music and the choreography!!  Wow Wow Wow!

BOOK: One Day in May: Catherine Alliott

This book was such a lovely escape, it was the perfect combination of frothy chick lit (which makes me feel all summery, even if I'm not reading it by a hotel pool!) and real life issues - war torn countries, growing old (& up) gracefully, public image and even politicians!  I myself have dabbled - and still do - in interior design & decor, so I loved getting into the heroine's 'shoes' and walking about in them  ... risk free!

T.V. DRAMA: The Fall:  BBC Drama starring Gillian Anderson
This was not for the faint hearted!  I read some gory books (as you know), but seeing it instead of imagining it from written words on a page brought a whole new level of chilling-ness to it.  As did the Gillian's portrayal of a cold emotionless DSI,counterbalanced by the serial killer (played by Jamie Dornan) who saw nothing wrong in giving his little daughter jewellery he had taken as a memento from one of his murder victims.
True it was disappointing that he was not caught or identified by the end of the series, but it is quite clear that he is on borrowed time - too many loose ends have been left untied and the sharp mind of DSI Stella Gibson is fleshing out the bare bones of the profile he has left behind and from their chilling phone conversation - where he totally lost the upper hand - he knows it.
If you loved this drama, I suggest you would enjoy the Kay Scarpetta series of books by Patricia Cornwell.

E BOOK : The Werewolf Society Box Set by Lisa Renee Jones
This trilogy is lots of fun!  The action is fast paced, the characters are feisty women (who are also werewolves or witches) and smouldering hot men (also werewolves ... obviously!)  There are red hot and racy bedroom scenes and plenty of kick ass fights and dramatic tension. It is slightly 'light weight' as reading matter goes, but that is what I have come to expect from e-publishing, and it was just what I needed when I was laid up, resting after an operation, with concentration levels not at warp speed!  Download it dare you, I think you (and your beloved) will be pleasantly surprised! <wink>

& Saving the Very Best til Last ...

BOOK : The Killing Dance (#6 in the series Anita Blake Vampire Hunter) By LK Hamilton
This book was by turns gripping, erotic, soul searching, tense with drama and back to erotic love triangles.  I must confess to always having a bias towards the cold danger of a vampire when pitted against the claws and ferocity of werewolves, so I knew who I wanted Anita to choose ... but she has her own agenda and her own demons. Yet I think her final decision may have surprised even her! 
I really lose myself in these books, so cannot recommend them highly enough.  Very addictive, I am glad Ms Hamilton has written so many! 5 Stars!

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