Friday, 17 May 2013

House of Night Novels - a school for Vampyres

  • Do you like the idea that vampyres might exist?  
  • Does the idea of a schools to nurture vampyre skills appeal? (a bit like Hogwarts for wizards)
  • Do you like a bit of dating drama (I guess I am talking to the girls amongst you now!)
  • Are you interested in the myths and magic of the Cherokee Indians?
  • Then get hold of the books in this series  ... 

  • Start with Marked - where Zoey Redbird is marked as a fledgeling vampyre and has to begin a new way of life away from her family and friends ....
  • Move onto Betrayed - where Zoey realises that she has a direct connection with the goddess Nyx but that her mentor may be san enemy not an ally ....
  • Continue with Chosen to see how Zoey deals with the challenge of her best friend being 'undead'
Untamed, Book 4 in the House of Night series

I have just finished reading book 4 Untamed  - it was very action-packed and exciting.  Zoey has a trusted, tight group of friends who all 'bring something different to the party' - but there is  much danger and drama in Zoey's life - everyone seems to want her - all the hot guys: teen and adult, human and vamp, and now a fallen angel!  Zoey's lovely grandma - a wise woman of the Cherokee heritage - tries to guide and protect her and in doing so puts herself in terrible danger.  I got to the end of this book and had to go straight to the next ...

Hunted -  where Zoey has run away from the safety and security of her school The House of Night with only a tiny ramshackle group of 'creatures' who have not turned their back on the Goddess Nyx.  Everything they know is turned on its head - but is Zoey ready to be a priestess of this spin-off group? or must she return to the school and the new regime which now rules and the underlying evil which has the upper hand?  Zoey has many new challenges to face - one friend is new kind of vampyre another has become human again, and she is still beseiged by guys who want to be her consort or her mate.  I cant wait to find out how she handles it all!

I am still loving Nashville - Thursday nights on More4

US drama about a power struggle between two female singers in the cut-throat world of country music:

  • Juliette - the spoilt bitch, riding high one moment and picking her reputation out of the gutter the next, bitter and scarred by her history with an alcoholic mother
  • Rayna - the queen of the Country music scene with a long history of hits behind her but starting to loose her edge of coolness - her marriage is rocky and she has been yearning after her guitar player for years
  • Deacon - Rayna's one-time lover, all-time song writing partner and a man fighting his drinking demons
  • Gunnar - Chiselled guitarist and song writer, in love with Scarlett and haunted by a mistake from his past
  • Scarlett - beautiful but boyfriend Avery has damaged her confidence, not only in her feminine charms but her singing & songwriting skills .....

I could go on and describe them all, they are a fantastic mess - a tangle of troubles and secrets and the music that runs right through the series is fantastic.  I am tuning in every week, or watching it on 4oD - can't bear to miss an episode, may even be tempted to buy the CD of the music - who knew I'd get into country music??

FILM : PITCH PERFECT  -  Just watch this, it is hilarious and the music is great.  If you enjoy Glee or Smash this will be right up your street!!

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