Sunday, 17 February 2013

So Much to Read! So Little Time!!

I am an avid reader - always have been - and luckily my family and friends understand this need in me & don't moan and groan if I am squirrelled away in a comfy spot somewhere, trying to read my current book!  BUT over the years I have learnt the following:

  1. I don't always have to finish every book that I start (especially if I don't like any of the characters!)
  2. I don't have to stick to grown-up books - I  also love books aimed at teenagers
  3. Just because a book gets raved about by 'everybody' doesn't make me wrong if I don't find it to my taste (50 Shades of Grey and Wuthering Heights are 2 diverse examples!)
  4. Sometimes I might have to take a break from reading a high-brow book, read something a bit more fast-paced /trashy and come back to the original book later.
  5. Reading should never feel a chore or duty.
  6. There is always time to read  - I steal a bit if time from another activity (e.g. reading while eating , reading while cleaning my teeth (tricky!) last 10 minutes before I go to sleep (favourite!)
  7. If I cant 'get into' a book is it because I haven't taken enough of a 'run' at it?  This can happen if I've only been able to 'steal' time to read it.  Still not grabbed by it after a 45 minute read or more?  this book may not be for me [1 or 4].
  8. There is no shame in audio books - I am still absorbing the concept/ words the author wrote.  Good for long journeys or when I'm doing a tedious job that doesn't require concentration. [If you listen to books on your headphones, beware of falling asleep as the reader keeps reading - then when you wake up you might have a 'plot stealer' moment because the story's moved on!]
It seemed a timely moment to share this wisdom with you as I am currently reading Life of Pi  by Yann Martel and I have got a bit stuck.  The language is beautiful, the central character is a dear good hearted boy who loves his family, loves the animals from the Zoo - which is his home - and loves god (he cant decide which god - he has his finger in the pie of at least 3 religions).  Then he sets sail for Canada and there is a terrible shipwreck. 

I am currently adrift at sea with Pi who shares a lifeboat with a Bengal tiger and a couple of other animals who have not survived the ordeal.  He has food and water supplies but there are sharks circling, not to mention the dangerous tiger on board, and who knows if anyone in authority is aware that the ship has sunk?  And I got bored! I am so sorry because the language is alluring, and the book has been translated into so many languages, not to mention that now it has been made into a blockbuster of a 3D film, but I was not gripped enough by the plot!Life of Pi Cover

Quick Fix!!  Read something that is all action to get rid of my 'fidgets' and the perfect antidote was:
The Perfect Game by J Sterling (only available as an e-book but I have my kindle!
This is a love story - full on, the really strong first love teenage kind.  He's a bad boy and a baseball player - so a local celebrity.  She is a street-smart girl who has had to work hard for anything she's ever got - her trust issues make her spiky on the outside and she has a room-mate who really 'has her back'.  In the well worn path to a burning hot love affair Cassie hates Jack at first and he has to really work to win her, but it is a tale of passion and angst and opportunities almost slipping through their fingers.  A roller coaster book that begs you not to put it down.

Now hopefully I can get back to Life of Pi before the sharks attack!

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