Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Snuggle up with a book & a cuppa!

Laugh out Loud Reading Matter!

I am making no apologies for the 'chick lit' genre of the book I have just finished reading "Confessions of a Demented Housewife - the Celebrity Year" - it is great to just drop into a book like this, it is the literary equivalent to putting on your comfy trackie bottoms, cosy socks or slippers and curling up in an armchair with your favourite cuppa in your hand.  This book will make you laugh, it will probably give you glimpses of yourself lurching through your own 'juggling' life none to serenely and - the way it is told - it will make you want to shout out to warn the heroine (Susie) that something bad "is behind her" as if you were watching a pantomime!!

Susie doesn't entirely enjoy being a housewife and mother, she is always looking for something more exciting round the corner - in the first book "The Secret Diary of a Demented Housewife" she got a little more excitement than she bargained for when she began to exchange pleasantries with Lone Father at toddler group and is soon tempted to by his smouldering texts and his flirtatious ways.  In this, the sequel, Susie - being the kind of person who is always measuring herself up against her 'peers' and finding herself slightly lacking - is determined to get pally with the new celebrity mum at her children's school.  As the reader, you hear all the alarm bells ringing  which Susie does not,  the glamorous new mum using her as unpaid babysitter, her husband changing careers as part of a mid-life crisis, yet you watch as she deals with it all in her own enimitable style - plenty of times events seem to take a turn you could not have visualised, but Susie bobs to the top again, like a cork on choppy seas.
The First book - True in So Many Ways!

If you like Sophie Kinsella's 'Shopaholic' series and laugh out loud when reading 'Bridget Jones' Diary' I think this novel will be right up your street, and if you have  a child who thinks it would be more fun if he/she was a dog (as I did with my second) you will feel instantly bonded with Susie!

Boo Hoo!!  No more Revenge on TV - as I watched the season finale of it last  night!! Wow!  It certainly went out with a bang!!  Some loose ends tied, some left hanging and a few new twists of plot to worry about until the next season begins.   I wont spoil the plot for devotees of the series who haven't seen the last one yet, but I will confess to having a big old crush on Nolan now - I never could see the appeal of Daniel but now Nolan has replaced Jack on my list of people about whom I want Emily to 'wake up and realise how much he loves her' - especially as his people interaction skills have improved 100% during the season!!  Can hardly wait till it is back on screen again.

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