Saturday, 18 August 2012

Hot Tips for August!

This week I have been highly entertained by 'Vexed' the second series - showing on BBC2.  It is an interesting comedy take on a detective duo - the girl is bright and driven and sporty, the guy is a complete MCP - a blast from the past in terms of his attitudes and treatment of women.  The rest of the cast appear to be 'playing it straight' but he is cartoon-like version of a TV detective and it is hilarious!  A favourite scenario was in the third episode when he is investigating a missing person and he and his partner visit the distraught wife on an information-gathering exercise and he cannot stop staring obviously at the woman's cleavage and he keeps implying that her husband is deceased rather than just missing.  Priceless - and his ability to jump to the wrong conclusions is epic!  Give it a chance - catch it on BBCiPlayer - I think you'll be pleased you did .

Reading wise, I have just finished re-reading Welcome to Temptation by Jennifer Crusie,  and  what a joyride of a book it is!!  It makes a great holiday book, not least because it is jam-packed with sex and gossip and small-town plotting!  I have very recently read 50 Shades of Grey (which I found slightly disappointing considering all the hype it has enjoyed) and I promise the sex scenes in this book are more frequent, more realistic, slightly less graphic and all the hotter for it!!
I have read several books by Jennifer Crusie   and she writes delicious heroes truly in the smouldering 'Darcy'style - and her male lead characters always know how to 'make the bed rock'!!  My Mother -a book reviewer and writer herself - introduced me to Jenny Crusie's writing and was a big fan  (being one of the Cherries on her chat forum), and I want to spread the word too about the classy wit in Jenny's books.  I would also recommend  'Faking It' and 'Bet Me', 'Tell Me Lies' and 'Fast Women' as fabulous books well worth a read.

I must highly-recommend 'Revenge' which I have been watching  avidly on E4 since the series began - I think we are almost at the end of the first series now - it is set in the Hamptons so the people are seriously rich, and many of them very powerful, but so many of them are badly 'bent' - they are evil  and devious, they deserve to get their come-uppance.  The lead girl and her arch nemesis are venal plotters, the like of which we haven't seen since Dynasty and Dallas - how delicious!! I see from Jennifer Crusie's blog she is as much a fan of this as I am - hurrah! we are kindred spirits on several levels (she loves Gilmore Girls too!!  woo-hoo!)

Emily-Go Girl!!  Get Revenge!

'Queen' Victoria - we are all longing to see her de-throned!!


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